Don't Pack Motion Sickness for Your Next Trip

Though traveling around Amherst and across the country can be quite fun, it can quickly be ruined if you or another passenger suffer from motion sickness. At Genesis of Amherst, we want you to enjoy every trip in your vehicle, so we offer these tips to help prevent motion sickness.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, eating a large meal before you leave for your trip can help to combat motion sickness. This is because eating helps to reduce nausea caused by hunger. Since nausea is the most common symptom of motion sickness, anything you can do to reduce nausea from other causes is a great idea. Another tip to reduce motion sickness is simply to look out the window of your vehicle. Since motion sickness is caused by conflicting messages received by your brain, if you can give your brain a visual signal that you're moving, it may help relieve your motion sickness symptoms.

If you think your car may have something to do with your motion sickness, stop by our dealer to find a more family-friendly vehicle today.


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