At Genesis of Amherst, we believe knowledge about your cars gaskets will benefit you. Understanding them could help you avoid an emergency repair in Amherst.

All conventional vehicles have gaskets. They seal your cars crucial systems, keep out pollutants and boost automotive longevity. Most gaskets are made of durable rubber.

You may have heard of a head gasket. All gas-burning engines have one. If you've seen a deconstructed engine block, you know it features a bottom and a top. The head gasket fits between these two components. Along with sufficient oil, the head gasket ensures an engines ability to function optimally. In addition to rubber, most head gaskets contain thin layers of metal. As you know, rubber and metal slowly deteriorate due to usage and time. To combat this inevitable wear-and-tear problem, automotive manufacturers recommend replacing your gaskets at service intervals. Some gaskets last longer than others, so consult your vehicles manual for specific details.


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