Driving around Amherst with a flat tire is both unsafe and can cause irreparable damage to your vehicle. We at Genesis of Amherst can help you replace your flat tire, so you can get back to taking long road trips with family and friends. Here are four things you should grab before starting to replace a flat tire.

First, get your spare tire. If you bought your car brand new, it will likely have a spare tire in the trunk. If not, buy one online or at a local auto repair shop.

Second, get a lug wrench. To remove your flat tire and secure the spare, you'll need to take the hubcaps and lug nuts off the tire.

Third, get a jack. You'll need a car jack to help you lift the side of the vehicle with the flat tire off the ground.

And last but not least, have an extra pair of clothes in your trunk, Changing a flat tire can get dirty. A rain poncho for rainy days and a pair of industrial rubber gloves can protect your main work or party clothes.


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