Taking the Sting Out of an Auto Accident

When involved in an accident, a whole host of emotions can come into play. Injuries can raise tensions even higher. The good news is that there are steps you can take to handle an accident smoothly to avoid major disruptions. Genesis of Amherst offers you some advice on how to handle the accident effectively.

Determining if you or any passengers are injured is the first step. If there are injuries to yourself, your passengers, or the other driver, call for medical attention immediately. Contacting the police is also required in most areas, as is moving your vehicle to the emergency lane if one is available.

The police are responsible for determining who's at fault, and your insurance will either agree with them or not. Keeping your cool is always the smartest thing you can do to avoid unnecessary confrontation. Get in touch with Genesis of Amherst to schedule a test drive in to check out the newest safety features, today.



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