Bikes and Cars Can Safely Coexist!

Every year there are thousands of accidents involving vehicles and bicycles, and our team at Genesis of Amherst want to make sure you’re aware of the many ways bicycles and cars can coexist safely on the road. We have some great tips to offer you so pay us a visit soon!

As a bicyclist:

• Follow all traffic laws
• Stay alert
• Use reflectors on your bike at night
• Slow down around people on the streets and crossroads
• Use signals when changing lanes

As a driver:
• Stay at least three feet from bicyclists when passing
• Only change lanes and pass when it’s safe
• Come to a complete when turning on red
• Always observe the speed limit
• Give bicyclist right of way if both can’t share a lane safely

Whether you’re a driver, a bicyclist or both, we have a great selection of vehicles at our Amherst dealership, so come on down and take one out for a spin.



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