Equipping Your Vehicle to Handle the Rigors of Winter Driving

With extreme winter weather already gripping much of the nation, now is the time to make sure that your vehicle is properly equipped with a winter survival kit. Having a disaster kit ready to go can prove invaluable if you become stranded out on the roads in inclement weather.

When putting together your kit, be sure to include survival items that will prove the most useful. Examples of items to include are jumper cables, cell phone car charger, bottled water, first aid kit, blankets, snow shovel, ice scraper, cat litter or sand for traction purposes, warm clothing such as hats and gloves, nonperishable snacks, and roadside flares.

The friendly associates at Genesis of Amherst want you to be able to take to the roads with confidence during the winter driving season. We look forward to helping you to put together your winter survival kit so that you are well-prepared for the season.



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