Even with their superior designs and modern features, most vehicles are still vulnerable to rodent infestation. Four-legged creatures are curious and adept at finding any opening, and once inside, they can wreak havoc on your engine by nibbling wires or on your interior spaces by building nests.

If you can't avoid parking in an area known for rodents, make your car less of a target by keeping the interior free of any leftover food containers or other materials they might find attractive. Rodent-proofing the exterior includes covering any possible openings with wire mesh and wrapping exposed wires with foul-tasting duct tape. You can also place humane traps in the vicinity to capture rodents before they get near your vehicle.

Visit us at Genesis of Amherst if you have any rodent damage that needs repair. Our mechanics can offer you advice on making your vehicle less attractive to rodents, and your repair costs may even be covered under your comprehensive insurance policy.



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