The G70 is Genesis's popular and new small luxury sedan. They have made the G70 be more performance-oriented than its competition thanks to the uses of performance parts and technology. Our team in Amherst finds the ride of the G70 to be exhilarating.

One of the performance features people notice as they approach the vehicle are its massive brakes. The G70 can be fitted with massive Brembo brakes pads and rotors. This gives the G70 the stopping power of a real sports car. The G70 also can be had with an advanced dual-mode all-wheel drive. This helps the G70 to get more grip in every situation. Having more grip allows the G70 to have more acceleration and make more aggressive driving maneuvers.

If you are wanting to test out the performance and handling of the G70 yourself, you can stop by Genesis of Amherst. Our staff would be more than happy to allow you to take the G70 out for a test drive.



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