DIY Headlight Restoration Steps You Can Do At Home

Headlights are important for visibility. The problem is, over time, headlights can look foggy or get light scratches from debris flying around the streets of Amherst. The following is a simple way to restore your headlights with sandpaper.

How to Use Sandpaper to Restore Headlights

The people at Genesis of Amherst have amassed enough experience to learn about car maintenance. One neat trick is sandpaper restoration, which can be helpful when done right; follow the steps below:
1. Use painter's tape around your headlights to protect the car's paint.
2. Then, fill a spray bottle with a little warm water.
3. Spray the headlights with water.
4. Use the sandpaper in circular motions at first before moving to horizontal motions.
5. Make sure you start with 400-grit before moving onto something like 800-grit.
6. Rinse the headlights with some water and dry them off.

The clear beauty of your headlights should be restored. You can come to our dealership to learn about other tricks or to look for a new car if your car is getting too old.



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